Welcome to the Attorney General’s home page for all matters relative to procurement by the Government of Guam.

The Government of Guam is centralized in its procurement of supplies and services (non-professional) by the Chief Procurement Officer of the General Services Agency and in its procurement of construction by the Director of the Department of Public Works, with a small number of agencies excepted out of the centralized system. Each agency is authorized to procure professional services on its own.

The Attorney General approves contracts as to form and legality. The Attorney General is also required to act as legal advisor during all phases of procurement for acquisitions of $500,000 or more.

The information posted on this site is designed to assist government employees who handle procurement for their agency. The Attorney General’s goal is to develop and post a variety of standard forms, templates, circulars, guidelines, training materials, and any other information which will be useful to government employees handling procurement.

New materials will be posted as they are developed. In addition, items already posted will be updated periodically. Please always use the most recent version of any form or template.

If you are an employee of the Government of Guam and have a question regarding procurement, you may email your question to and one of the procurement attorneys will respond to your question.  



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