Family Division

Deputy Attorney General

The Family Division was re-established in 2007 as a separate Division of the Office of the Attorney General. The Family

Division handles all matters relating to juveniles in our community to include juvenile delinquency matters, which are cases involving juveniles who commit criminal acts which, if committed by an adult would be a crime, including drug and alcohol related offenses.  The Family Division also represents Child Protective Services in cases brought to court involving children that have been subjected to abuse and neglect by their parents or caretakers, as well as cases involving juveniles who have been deemed “beyond control” by their parents or caretakers.

The goals of the Family Division are:

  1. To vigorously represent the government in juvenile special proceedings, juvenile delinquency cases, and other matters before the Family Court of the Superior Court of Guam;
  2. To vigorously represent Child Protective Services in child abuse and neglect cases brought before the Family Court of the Superior Court of Guam;
  3. To adequately staff and fund personnel and provide training to juvenile staff to update their skills and knowledge;
  4. To establish and consistently conduct community outreach activities and participation in educational and social meetings dealing with juvenile issues; and
  5. To promote legislation that will significantly impact juvenile activities and other matters relevant to the mandates of the Family Division.

The objectives of the Family Division include:

  1. To obtain adequate staffing of experienced attorneys and support staff, to include an investigator, school resource officer, victim advocate and administrative support staff, to service the particular mandates of the Division;
  2. To develop and implement a case management tool to better track cases, dispositions, and other information and that will generate reports to assist the efficient and effective operation of the Division; and
  3. To develop and implement consistent outreach events designed to provide the community with information on juvenile issues and the prevention of juvenile offenses.