Child Support Enforcement Division


The CSED is composed of seven sections: Administration, Programs, Investigations, Accounting, State Disbursement Unit, Records, and Systems.

The CSED’s mission is to collect and timely distribute child support payments; locate non-custodial parents; establish paternity; establish and enforce child and medical support orders; review and modify child support orders; and recover welfare benefits paid on behalf of children.

The CSED will also:

  • Ensure complete and continuing compliance with federal and local mandates by utilizing the Absent Parent Automated System Information (APASI) and Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) projects;
  • Continue to develop, support, and maintain the APASI automated child support enforcement system;
  • Initiate the process of replacing the APASI system by researching other state systems to implement a hybrid, transfer, or replacement system, with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Division’s case management and financial capabilities;
  • Introduce local child support legislation or improve existing ones that will augment or increase the child support efforts;
  • Provide adequate training or availability of information for staff to develop and increase their skills and knowledge of the latest programs, practices, and procedures leading to increased child support collections and a decrease in welfare dependency;
  • Increase collaboration and coordination efforts with private and public organizations; and
  • Increase awareness and encourage involvement in parental roles and responsibilities.