Civil Litigation and Solicitors Division

Deputy Attorney General

The Civil Division of the Office of the Attorney General includes the Civil Litigation Unit, the Solicitors Unit, the Consumer Protection Unit, the Government Claims Unit and the Notary Public Unit.

Civil Litigation Unit

The Civil Litigation Unit is responsible for handling all civil actions in which the Government of Guam is an interested party.  This includes bringing actions on behalf of the government and defending actions brought against the government in both the trial and appellate courts of Guam and the courts of the United States. The Attorney General is also tasked with bringing actions on her own behalf when necessary to ensure compliance by government agencies, government officials, and private parties with the regulatory laws of Guam and bringing actions on behalf of the people of Guam in matters involving the protection of the public interest.

Solicitors Unit

The Solicitors Unit functions as the legal department of the Government of Guam, providing legal assistance to the various Executive Branch agencies, boards, and commissions.  The Unit also participates in various task forces, committees, and round table discussions on legal matters.

Consumer Protection Unit

The Consumer Protection Unit enforces the laws against false, misleading, and deceptive practices by both local and off-island businesses. This includes areas such as telemarketing fraud, unlicensed businesses, auto repairs, and misleading advertisements.

Government Claims Unit

The Government Claims Unit is responsible for investigating and evaluating claims against the government in tort and contract cases.  It also works to resolve claims concerning employee wage and hour disputes and claims regarding dormant and unclaimed bank funds transferred to the government.

Notary Public Unit

The Notary Public Unit reviews complaints against persons with notary public certifications, processes notary public applications, administers examinations to new applicants for notary public certification, issues letters documenting notary public status, insures that notary journals are kept properly and turned in to the Office of the Attorney General when a person’s notary public certification has expired.